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school uniforms

Students must have uniforms to attend school. Unfortunately, this can be a prohibitive burden for some of their families. We want to make sure that our children are getting an education, so each year we raise funds to assist them with this hurdle. We are always looking for people to partner with us in this process. Please let us know if you would like to support our kids in this way!

School Uniforms

After-school program

Every Monday through Friday we open our doors to the children in our community to receive a healthy meal. There are between 60-100 kids that attend daily, depending on the season. In addition to food, we also provide a secure place for them to play, hear a bible story, and do crafts. We want to see our kids succeed! We help them with their homework, and a few of our team members even teach English and PE classes at a local school. Our boys love baseball. Twice a week we organize baseball practice, and we hold games on Saturdays. This is a developing ministry and a great place for you to get involved!

Feeding Center

Basurero Ministry

The city's trash dump is located just 200 meters down the road from our complex. The parents of many of our kids work in the dump collecting recyclable plastic, cardboard, and aluminum. Sometimes we find our kids assisting their families at work. Each week we go and encourage our friends with a sandwich, drink, and friendly conversation.

Basurero Ministry
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